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I Ran It Over

Hello! I usually go by Codiak or Codi.

You can find me on Fanfiction and Fictionpress under Codiak. And on deviantart under CodiakM. Though I don't really draw, and the one drawing I have is awful. Fair warning.

I love to write and I aspire to be an author one day.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

That's about it, I guess! ;)
Apr 22 '14



this is how you play goat simulator


Apr 22 '14


seven days without a pun makes one weak

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Apr 22 '14


au: everyone is born with their soulmate’s name tattooed on their wrist like a birthmark. 

Apr 21 '14


in case you needed a reminder that humans are incredible and terrifying

Apr 21 '14
Avril Lavigne feat. Marilyn Manson - Bad Girl (Avril Lavigne)


you can fuck me, you can play me

you can love or you can hate me

miss me, miss me. now ya wanna kiss me

Apr 21 '14


I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

Apr 21 '14

This is how I solve problems
I’m not that mean. 


This is how I solve problems

I’m not that mean. 

Apr 21 '14

For character development of course.
I miss my OCs right now.


For character development of course.

I miss my OCs right now.

Apr 21 '14

Ahhhh, how do you guys always come up with content so fast?? This is the fastest I could manage, and it’s because it’s my day off. Wes is such a cutie holy guacamole. I know some people are sick of him being everywhere, but I personally can’t get enough. XD Here’s my contribution to our new precious phanon bb <3


Ahhhh, how do you guys always come up with content so fast?? This is the fastest I could manage, and it’s because it’s my day off. Wes is such a cutie holy guacamole. I know some people are sick of him being everywhere, but I personally can’t get enough. XD Here’s my contribution to our new precious phanon bb <3

Apr 21 '14

About half of the phandom right now


About half of the phandom right now

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Apr 20 '14


(Help Wesley Weston will be the death of me) [1] [2]

"Crap. You heard that, didn’t you?"

"Yes, I did. What the heck do you mean that Danny is Phantom?!"

"It’s obvious. Really. The only difference is the hair and eyes. He has a D on his chest. His name as the ghost boy is basically a horrible pun on his name, and Fenton disappears before Phantom appears." Wes said all of this with the frustrated monotone of someone who was tired of repeating themselves.

"But he-"

"I know. ‘Wimpy Fenton could never be Phantom blah-de blah.’ Believe me, I hear it on a daily basis." Wes pinched his temples.

"Sam, I know that you know. It’s really fricking obvious that you and Foley are in on this. Just go ahead and deny it. Or kick me with your combat boots. Whatever. I don’t care." Sam raised an eyebrow.

"How long have you been under the delusion that Danny is a ghost?" She asked, hiding her shock behind a facade of skepticism.

"The thing with the ghost invasion and the mayor. Fenton is obvious." Wes gave her a look that dared her to deny it. Sam gave a sigh.

"You’re deluded. I’m gonna go now." Wes gave her a look.

"Sure I am. You aren’t the first to think that, though you are the first to fake it." Sam didn’t turn.


"WHAT?!?" Sam winced.

"You didn’t have to scream in my ear." Danny had the grace to look sheepish.

"Sorry. But seriously, Wes knows?" Sam nodded.

"Thankfully, no one believes him. But he knows your secret, and that Tucker and I know your secret." Danny paled.

"Oh crud."

Apr 20 '14

An Honest Question For ProChoice People



I know there are heated debates and people have been wronged on both sides of the arguments. However, I want to ask one question to pro choice people that will help you understand where pro life comes from.

Put aside your beliefs/biases/experiences please for this question and answer honestly.

"If you honestly believed that a fetus is a human life, wouldn’t you do anything to save it from being killed?"

Because pro life people truly believe, based on science, religion, or personal experience, that every fetus is a human child. Therefore we feel we must do everything in our power to save that life. We don’t always get it right, and there are some people who are cruel and heartless, but at the crux of our argument is that life deserves to be saved.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that if I truly believed that abortion killed a person, I wouldn’t do anything like what 99% of anti-abortion agitators do.

You put pennies in a box.

You make signs.

You scream misogynistic and violent insults at women who are seeking unspecified health care services at health care facilities, some of which don’t even provide abortions to begin with.

You push laws that target the abortions that are most often life-saving, most often applied to non-viable fetuses.


What they instead speak of is an intense desire to project oneself into a life-or-death conflict, but one without any actual stakes and one that does not require much more than symbolic gestures on behalf of the “believers”. 

As a bonus, you get to feel better than a bunch people just normal people like you. You get to feel like you’re a crusader for truth and justice in a world full of people so evil, they’d kill babies for fun and profit.

And when you’re out on the picket line, you can engage in the deepest, most shameful impulses that a human being can wrestle with as you shout vile things at the people trying to enter the clinic. Actual people, who are often actually at the most vulnerable part of their grown lives, possibly people who are wrestling with health problems, possibly people who are dealing with the devastating reality of finding out that a fervently desired pregnancy is not safe or non-viable… and you can reduce them to tears. Such power! You and your friends can mob up (strength in numbers) and shout whatever you want this person. You can completely dehumanize an actual human being standing right in front of you.

And it’s okay.

Because you’ve got this fig leaf for your conscience where—when it’s convenient to do so, when it suits your agenda and your plans—you convince yourself there are these other actual human beings that you are standing up for.

You’re desecrating the everloving carp out of the human life standing in front of you, but it’s okay, because life is sacred. When it’s convenient. When it’s your alibi. When it’s your sword and shield.

But when it’s not convenient? Forget about it. Oh, man… if you truly believed that millions of tiny precious babies were being systematically murdered, would you be blogging about it? I’m not daring you to go out and prove your convictions by committing violence yourself, but even restricting yourself to non-violent means, don’t you think you would be doing something more than posters and pennies and posts if you really thought that “an American holocaust” (as so many anti-choice folks have crassly put it) was happening?

Man, I’m glad you asked me what we would do if we sincerely believed that there were all these lives at stake, because it really exposes how hollow the “pro-life” movement is.

Though of course, its hollowness hardly needs to be pointed out. It’s weird how many protestant Christian denominations suddenly did a 180 on abortion and the belief that a fetus was a person with a soul when it suddenly became a viable political wedge issue. Did you know that? As recently as 1979, you could have gone to a lot of the most pro-life protestant churches in the country and asked their leaders if fetuses had souls and abortion was murder, and they would have told you no, that’s some Catholic dogma that’s completely against the Bible. And they’d point to passages that suggest that no, God does not see a fetus as being equivalent to a person and send you on your way.

But then, somehow, suddenly… the inerrant word of God changed. Almost overnight. Why? Because the preachers had allied themselves with rightwing politicians, and between them, they saw a goldmine.

Because they understand the real question isn’t: what would people do if they honestly believed that babies’ lives were on the line, wouldn’t a lot of people vote for a politician who takes a bold stance against baby killing, since that demands nothing from the person casting the vote but lets them feel like they’ve done a huge good deed?

So they did that.

And a lot of people fell for it.

You give your votes, you give your money, you give your time to the cause. Not much from each individual, but it adds up. It all adds up.

And you will always do this.

Because baby killing will always be wrong, and it’s not like anyone’s asking you to fight a war, right?

That’s what politicians call a permanent wedge issue. The people who “vote life” can be relied on to vote against their interests, to vote against their neighbors, to vote against politicians who would improve the circumstances that lead people to require abortions.

Abortions go up when social safety nets are cut. Abortions go up when wages go down. Abortions go up when health care costs rise. Abortions go up when sex ed is inadequate.

But “pro-life” voters vote for politicians who are in favor of all of these circumstances that lead to abortions.

Isn’t that weird?

But you’ll effectively vote for everything that leads to abortions, because all you care about is that you get to register your vote against baby-killin’. 

The pro-life stance is about convenience and feeling good. 

Apr 20 '14




What if Wes overheard Sam talking about the class ring Danny gave her in Flirting With Disaster, the one she thought said ‘Wes’, and thinks Danny wants to go steady with him?

omfg and if we’re going with the idea that Wes is starting to suspect Danny as being Phantom…

Tucker and a begrudging Sam go up to Wes to drill him about his relationship with Danny, and Wes starts to drill back about Phantom, but like neither of them come right out and say it and it gets all convoluted and omfg

"Alright Wes, we know what’s going on with you and Danny, and we want to make sure he’s safe-"

"Wh- of course he will be, I don’t want to cause him any kinda trouble-"

"We’re his best friends you know, so if you hurt him-"

"Look, I don’t want to hurt him!  I respect him a lot and-"

"He’s got a ring, dude, he’s planning on going steady, so if you even think-"

"Wait, what about a ring?"


Apr 20 '14
Apr 20 '14


Imagine Ravenclaws who don’t get good grades because they’re lazy but they’re brilliant when you talk to them about weird subjects. Ravenclaws who stay awake for days because they found something neat and they get really into their obsessions. Ravenclaws who aren’t good test takers but when given free reign stun everyone. Ravenclaws who are gifted musically and artistically. Ravenclaws who make good relationships with other houses because strategically it’s brilliant when they need shit in the future. Ravenclaws who need to be dragged to dinner because they were too invested in a thing to notice the sun went down. 

Imagine Ravenclaws